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The first actively managed ICO fund with a proven track record. It has never been easier to invest in the blockchain economy.

Previous Projects

We have been participating in some of the most successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for our clients! Check some of them:


The initial coin offering for this amazing project continued for 2 Days with a guaranteed cap, but it was totally worth it! After being listed in its first exchange there was over 600% ROI!


We saw great potential in the team and ICO launch support from binance. The idea to pay the content providers through gifts with smarts contract was loved by the public! The ROI was nearly 300%.


It was a matter of seconds to win a place for participation in BREAD. The immense demand from investors made the project a huge WIN with over 200% ROI.


This ICO did better that we predicted and received a good reaction from the public. It gave a nice profit of 300% to all who were able to get the coin in the pre-sale stage.


Who doesn’t want peer-to-peer insurance on social proof endorsements? Sold in a matter of minutes, this ICO gave us a great 3.4 X ROI.


Great platform with decent profit. Although the huge correction which took place in January this platform surely has a great future!

How it Works?

Invest your Ethereum or Bitcoin to the wallet we will personally provide to you.

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Your crypto will immediately be included in our ICO fund and trading suite and we will regularly update you about our current positions and your portfolio performance. We will do all of the negotiations and the consequent buying of the tokens. You will receive an email with the ICO price at which we entered as well as our exit price or the expected timeframe for selling. You can track live the percentage allocation of the portfolio.

Why Crypto Renaissance Capital?

Individual investments in ICOs are getting harder and riskier over time. Many projects are scam, others have flawed business models and only a small fraction of them which are truly promising, become so popular that is almost impossible to invest in them at a crowdsale stage.

In Crypto Renaissance Capital, we are doing an extended research and forecast on each project, balancing between the risk to achieve stable profit. We do all the work without taking any management fees. We are confident in our success- that is why, in contrast with other funds, we only take a small performance fee.

Every client is updated for each participation and can request a full spreadsheet of his portfolio. We also offer diversification plan, thanks to the cooperation of our traders and partners.

  1. ICO projects – The greater part of your portfolio is put in promising ICOs carefully researched by our team.
  2. Trading – part of your portfolio is put in day trading and short to mid-term positions on the cryptocurrency exchanges that we work with (Gdax, Kraken,Binance, and Huobi). Algorithmic trading – we use systematic data-driven trading algorithms for sustainable and adaptive orders according to a variety of factors. A small fraction is put in to this third section, as we consider this a longer term investment.
  3. Algorithm trading – we use systematic data-driven trading algorithms for sustainable and adaptive orders according to a variety of factors. A small portion is put in to this third section, as we consider this a longer term investment.
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Meet Our Team

Pavel Kaloferov
Pavel has a Master’s degree in Financial Risk Management from University of Glasgow. He has experience in the field of data analysis and is in possession of Investment Management Certificate.
Angel Yordanov
Angel has Master's Degree in Financial Management and several years of experience in investing in stocks. He left his promising career as an Internal Auditor for one of the largest corporations in South Eastern Europe and now his experience for in-depth analyses and project evaluation is put into use in the crypto world and especially into the ICO space.
Nenko Nenov
Portfolio Manager
Nenko developed interest in risk management at highschool age. He graduated with Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and has successfully been applying his skills to the world of trading in South Korea.
Samuil Spasov
Legal Officer and Investor Relations
Samuil is with a Master degree in Law and specialized in European and International Law. He is actively involved in real estate and crypto investing.


Andrew Mann
CEO of Coinstrats
Founder and CEO of Coinstrats. Graduated University College London (UCL) with PHD in Computer Science. Andrew has previous experience in the field of investment banking and hedge funds. His passion for cryptocurrencies let him establish Coinstrats - a company that develops data driven systems and machine learning algorithms in order to bring an innovative trading software for its clients.